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Looking forward to July!

24 Jun

We’re all enjoying the warmer weather at the moment here in Ireland, Nuala got so excited about the sun shining that she forgot to wear sunscreen down at Bull Island last Sunday and looked like a boiled crustacean by dinner time.  We slathered her with aloe vera juice and butter to take care of the sunburn.  The stay dogs were following her down the street all week.

See you at our upcoming gigs in Shenagarry in Cork at the gorgeous Ballymaloe Grainstore venue on July 31st and of course the wild and wonderful Vodafone Comedy Festival July 25 and 26 in the Iveagh Gardens in Dublin city centre.  Come on down and join the party!



Vodafone Comedy Festival launched!

12 Jun

We were delighted to be at the launch for Vodafone Comedy Festival this week, what a great bash indeed.  Pig on a spit, bags of crisps, and lots of ice cream lollies in show.  We availed of the free bar but after Nuala had too many wines, she fell into the pig on a spit and we had to make a hasty retreat.  We’ll be playing two gigs at the festival this year July 25 & 26, and there’s no pig on a spit so we should be safe enough.


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