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Christmas and New Year, get yer skates on! It’s almost 2017…

29 Dec

We’re almost through to the other side and 2017 is shaping up to be another corker!  Keep you’re eyes peeled for our new show coming to a theatre near you, we’ll be travelling the length and breadth of the country once again with more glamour, glitz, and glorious fun for our wonderful audiences!  I’d tell you what we all got for the Christmas but we still haven’t recovered… we’re still 90% Cadbury’s chocolate and Nuala is going into rehab to detox from all the indulgence.  Watch this space… see you all in 2017!

Champagne Fridge


And that’s a wrap!

1 Dec

Well, Crikey, that year went fast!  Already we’re at the end of our 2016 gigs and we’re looking ahead to 2017 with all kinds of new ideas and new, even blingier dresses.  The sky is the limit!  We just want to leave you with a few tips for the Christmas:  Throw caution to the wind, always wear sequins, and don’t let Uncle Paddy have too many wines.  See you in 2017!


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