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Lovely hurlin’, lads!

7 Jul

Now we are big hurling fans in The Nualas and we just wanted to say that at our gig tomorrow night July 8th at Balor Arts Centre in Donegal as part of the Earagail Arts Festival we are giving away a load of hurlies.  We originally wanted to give away Spanx but after Ardal McDermott stepping down as Donegal hurling boss, we thought we’d give the team a bit of support.  Now, Ardal seems to have been giving priority to stuffing the ball into the faces of the opposite team, as seen here.  We think he may have been slightly off-beam with this one but we’re no experts.  Davin Flynn, yer an absolute ride, by the way.  Show starts 8pm tomorrow July 8th, book tickets here!hurling


Donegal, Ye Never Looked So Good

4 Jul

In the run up to our show in Earagail Arts Festival this Saturday, July 8th we sent out a free pair of Spanx to a lucky audience member from our Facebook survey.  This is Frank, our winner.  Frank is sporting the new male Spanx and will be giving a free demonstration before the show this Saturday in Donegal.  Ladies and gents, book your tickets now to avoid disappointment.  Frank is also single.  Just sayin’.

See ye Saturday!   Book tickets here

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