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Glam Slam in Dun Laoghaire!

26 Mar

We’re punching high, punching low, punching it every which way this weekend at the smashing Pavilion Theatre in Dun Laoghaire on Saturday, March 31.  It’s all systems go and Glam Slamming up a storm so get yer best clobber on and come on down to join the party!  Free cases of champers and a date with Conor McGregor to the first 100 audience in!  Book tickets here



Belfast, Belfast! So good they named it twice.

15 Mar

We’re off to the wilds of Northern Ireland this Sunday, March 18, to bask in the glory of one of our favourite venues, The Lyric Theatre in Belfast.  Last time we were here we had an unexpected guest join us on stage so we’re expecting lots of surprises this time too!  Get ready, Belfast, we’re Glam Slamming you but good this weekend.  Even Auntie Philomena is coming!  Book tickets here.

Siamsa Tire, here we come!

12 Mar

Get ready, Tralee, because we’re coming to Simasa Tire theatre with Glam Slam! this weekend on March 16 and it’s gonna be a cracker of a night!  Put on your bling and get yourself over to a knock down, drag out, money shot of a show that will leave you crying with the laughter.   Book tickets here.  Nuala’s Auntie Maeve is going all out on the night with accessories.


Tralee is getting closer….

6 Mar

Yes, we’re off to the lovely environs of Tralee coming up next week and the lovely Siamsa Tire theatre with our Glam Slam show on March 16.  Get yer glad rags on, get to the bar for that brightner, and get ready for some seriously wham bam thank you ma’am comedy gold from yours truly!  Book here for tickets .

Nuala even got a new dress for the gig.  John Rocha designed it specially.  It’s called ‘Large and White’.  So descriptive.


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