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Did someone say Roisin Dubh? Did someone say Galway?

23 May

Oh, yes!  Only two more sleeps and we’ll be storming it in Galway this Friday at the Roisin Dubh on May 25th.  Seriously folks, it’s our first time bringing Glam Slam! to Galway so we’re pulling out all the stops.  Check out our new hats designed by Philip Treacy especially for our tour this year.  Full Irish anyone?

Don’t miss the craic, book tickets here.


Galway, Galway, so good they named it twice.

21 May

Well, it’s time for our annual trek to our fave city in the Wesht – Galway town, we are hitting it loud and proud in the Roisin Dubh on Friday, May 25th.  We love the West of Ireland because it reminds us of home, all those barren landscapes and pubs, and basically we’ll be partying our head off.  Here’s the audience from our last gig in Galway.  We barely got out alive.  Nuala body surfed the crowd and ended up completely naked.  We’re still looking for her gold knickers.

We’re Glamming it, Slamming it, and bringing it big style on May 25th in the Roisin Dubh so come on down and join the madness!  Book tickets here

The GB Shaw Theatre…. oh, sorry it’s now the Visual Carlow! Either way….

15 May

No matter what the name is these days Visual Carlow theatre is one of our fave venues this side of the Shannon River.  We’ll be storming the boards in the Visual Carlow on May 19 with Glam Slam so tell all your nearest and dearest in Carlow to step on down and join the party!  We’ll be bringing Auntie Emm up from Dingle with us, she was swimming with Fungi and his whole family and wanted to make sure she didn’t freeze.  This is the latest in swim wear down in Dingle, we think it’s bound to catch on everywhere.  Book ticket online here!

Get ready, Carlow, we’re heading down soon!

9 May

Yes, we’ll be treading the boards in Carlow coming up Saturday, May 19 in Visual Carlow theatre and we are Glam Slam-ing it all the way!  The response to the show has been phenomenal and there’s no sign of slowing down until June.  We’ve designed special dresses for this show in Carlow, Nuala is sporting the latest version below, it’s called ‘Carmen Miranda on Steroids’.  Get ready, ladies and gents, ’cause here we come!  Book tickets online here.

It’s Off To The Wilds of Dingle!

1 May

Yes, it’s the edge of the country, it’s the home of Fungi the dolphin, and we’re heading to the Feile na Bealtaine Festival this Sunday, May 6th to give it loads in the most beautiful peninsula in Ireland.  We’re hoping to swim with Fungi’s son Mushroom if he’s about, I’ll be double and triple wrapping for that one because it is COLD down yonder!  The Queen has even had a go so we figure we’re in with a shot.  Get all the information and book tickets here, it’s gonna be a cracker of a night!


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