Book The Nualas for YOUR special event!  Or simply contact us with other random chit-chat!

What-ever your special day – whether it’s a wedding, a ladies’ lunch or a charity bash – who better to add that special sparkle, that Hollywood glamour than ….The Nualas…

Who better to add that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, that ‘níl fhios agam, that ‘I don’t know what’ to your event than The Nualas.  The Nualas! – world leaders in fashion and fun!

We cater for your specific party needs, so every event is designed just for you!

Get in touch through the link above and we’ll have you laughing your little cotton socks off before you can say “I love curly kale and kerr pinks.”

Genius! Kill to get a ticket! – The Scotsman

Astoundingly hilarious lyrics – The Event Guide, Dublin

I fell instantly in love with Nuala, Nuala and Nuala. – What’s On, London

The Nualas are the new rock’n’roll. –  The Independent, London

The cult queens of Ireland who put the ‘b’ in bejaysus! – Metro, London

The Irish trio inspire instant adoration. – The Herald, Scotland

 …simply the best.. – The Daily Express

*Critics Choice* –  Sunday Telegraph

You will be smitten. – What’s On, London

Dammit the Nualas can sing and make your face ache from laughing.  – Time Out, London

The Nualas have put comedy and music in the blender and come up with a world class soufflé. – The Sunday Times


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