Iontas Arts Centre…. look out. Glam Slam is on the way!

24 Apr

We’re bringing Glam Slam down to the beautiful Iontas Arts Centre in Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan this weekend on Saturday, April 28 for a night of madness, hysteria, and just plain hilarious comedy.  Just so you know, we’ve invited a couterie of famous persons to drop in on the night so don’t miss the craic!  Here we are with Michael D., we’re just heading of in the car… we’ve told him that we only stop once for the toilet and coffee (not necessarily in that order) so he may go on his own todd.  He loves us.  He calls us his ‘Hilarious colleens, jaysus aren’t ye just feckin’ brilliant!’.  We love him too.  BOOK TICKETS HERE!


Ramor Theatre in Cavan….. actually in Virginia! Who knew?

23 Apr

No, not Virginia in USA.  Co. Cavan!  And we’ll be there this weekend, April 27 Friday.  Although you’d be forgiven for confusing the two because The Ramor Theatre is in the most beautiful countryside in lovely Co. Cavan.  We’re bringing Glam Slam down to the fab people in the environs of Virginia Co. Cavan for one-night-only.  It’s so lovely there that we’re staying over for go fishing the next day and snag ourselves a few fisherman.  We hear they grow ’em awful gorgeous and strappin’ down that neck of the woods.  Mmmmm, yum….



And we’re off…. to Cork!

16 Apr

Ah, yes.  Lovely lovely Cork and the wonderful, historical Everyman Palace Theatre!  We’re there this weekend with our new show Glam Slam on Satutrday, April 21.  We love the Everyman.  We love it so much that we go back as much as we can.  All the time.  Even just to sit outside on the pavement and look at it.

But this weekend we’ll be doing more than that.  We’re be punching and kicking our way down South with our new show Glam Slam for a knock-out night of our very best gags, musical numbers, sexy choreography, and pretty much a smashing night of entertainment and laughter.  Don’t miss it, folks.  It’s going to be a cracker!  Book tickets here.

Newbridge, famous for….. silver? No! The Nualas’ Glam Slam show!

10 Apr

Yes, ladies and gents, we’re back and we’re swinging, a left hook, a right upper cut, and a knock out punch to the chin!  We’re bringing Glam Slam to the lovely Riverbank Theatre in Newbridge this Saturday night April 14 and you don’t want to miss this one.  We love Newbridge, so charming and serene…. not for long!  Here come The Girls!  Watch out, Co Kildare, The Nualas are comin’ to town!  Book tickets here.

Ratoath… where? County Meath, of course!

2 Apr

If you’ve never been there, we totally recommend a visit.  We’ll be in Ratoath at The Venue Theatre this weekend on April 7 with our new show Glam Slam to shake it up and glam it up with entertainment, music, and more laughs than you can shake a stick at.  Come on down, we’re there for one-night-only.  If you bring your own farmer with you, we’ll even throw in a glass of Bucks Fizz…  Book tickets here!

Glam Slam in Dun Laoghaire!

26 Mar

We’re punching high, punching low, punching it every which way this weekend at the smashing Pavilion Theatre in Dun Laoghaire on Saturday, March 31.  It’s all systems go and Glam Slamming up a storm so get yer best clobber on and come on down to join the party!  Free cases of champers and a date with Conor McGregor to the first 100 audience in!  Book tickets here


Belfast, Belfast! So good they named it twice.

15 Mar

We’re off to the wilds of Northern Ireland this Sunday, March 18, to bask in the glory of one of our favourite venues, The Lyric Theatre in Belfast.  Last time we were here we had an unexpected guest join us on stage so we’re expecting lots of surprises this time too!  Get ready, Belfast, we’re Glam Slamming you but good this weekend.  Even Auntie Philomena is coming!  Book tickets here.

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