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The Nualas are currently touring Ireland and foreign climes with full guns a’blazin‘ and wellies polishedThey’re off to Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2014 to ply their wares and tread the Assembly George Square boards.  This critically acclaimed trio re-launched to great acclaim on The Late Late Show in 2011, with their debut song. Yummy Mummy Recession Blues.

And haven’t looked back since.  They went on to pack Vicar Street in Dublin and storm festivals and venues alike over the past 3 years, playing to sold-out audiences and reaping unanimous critical praise as they went.



Their ability to entertain was dazzlingly impressive, with non-stop belly laughs… The one and a half hour performance flew by with the audience wanting more, complete with standing ovation for the ladies in red. .. The Nualas are an experience, one Nuala just isn’t enough.”

…wackily original – The New York Times

Genius! Kill to get a ticket! – The Scotsman

With writing as funny as theirs, these small-town Irish girls could sing about watching someone watch paint dry and we would still be riveted. – The Independent, London

Astoundingly hilarious lyrics. Simply resonantly hilarious. – The Event Guide, Dublin

Beautiful vocal skills and a natural facility for artfully wry banter. -Time Out, London

An almost Beckettian take on life with exquisite close harmony vocals.  I fell instantly in love with Nuala, Nuala and Nuala. – What’s On, London

The Nualas are the new rock’n’roll. –  The Independent, London

The cult queens of Ireland who put the ‘b’ in bejaysus! – Metro, London

Dripping kooky, faux glamour, they will win you over with their nutty lyrics, zany tunes and endearingly silly dresses.  They had a capacity crowd eating out of their hands. –  The Evening Standard, London

I’m knocked out by the vocal prowess that drives their whimsical musical creations.  The Irish trio inspire instant adoration.  – The Herald, Scotland

Sequin chic and bone-dry wit from the Irish trio. Where else can you hear a love song to a balding hunchback, or the perils of wearing clothes made from your dead cow to an animal rights ball ? – The Independent, London

 …simply the best.. – The Daily Express

*Critics Choice* –  Sunday Telegraph

Attractively rounded, witty antidote to the po-faced and cadaverous Corrs. – The Scotsman

Hilarious, stretch-sequinned, glitter-ball evening of bizarre comic songs and febrile Irish banter. –  Time Out, London

When they skipped off behind the glittering backdrop for the last time, I was truly sorry to see them go. – The Times, London

Like true comedians, they establish a superb relationship with their audience. You will be smitten. – What’s On, London

Dammit the Nualas can sing and make your face ache from laughing.  – Time Out, London

The Nualas have put comedy and music in the blender and come up with a world class soufflé. – The Sunday Times

Pic:Marc O'Sullivan PLEASE CREDIT

Pic:Marc O'Sullivan PLEASE CREDITPic:Marc O'Sullivan PLEASE CREDIT



Marketing pix 2013

Nualas and Jason Byrne.Dublin.7.22.2011


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  1. Anthony June 15, 2012 at 9:58 pm #

    I’ve loved you in the past and look forward to seeing you again soon – now that I heard you are back.

    But why is your schedule of upcoming events not published here? All we have are reviews and the archives.

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