Spanish inspiration or dangerous child magnet?

28 Jul

Nuala went to Spain for some last minute inspiration for our Spanish costumes for ‘Manolo’.  We tried to get excited about them but they chafed something awful.  Then Nuala got mistaken for a Mexican piñata and got chased down the street by a gang of children trying to hit her with sticks.  She threw candy at them which slowed them down, but she now has a phobia of all pop-out celebratory decorations.

fashio 2





Head gear….

27 Jul

We came up with a new idea for a costume for the Edinburgh show, but we think it might be a wee bit elaborate.  Nuala’s head almost fell off and other Nuala fell asleep in the middle bit.  #Nualasdoed


Vodafone and beyond!

26 Jul

Off to play the Vodafone Comedy Festival tonight, hurrah!  Get yer skates on and come on down, we’re on at 9:30 pm and it’s a great lineup.  See ye’s down there for a pint after, we’ll be on the gin & tonics…..


Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…..

25 Jul

Here’s our cousin Mary Francis being crowned Agricultural Queen of the Farmers Festival in 1977.  Boy, she got around just great in the wheelchair and put us all to shame at the ball that night.  She was rollin’ around on the dance floor with Father Pat like a good thing and only rolled over his feet once.  That takes skill, by jaysus.  She’s comin’ to Edinburgh to help pass out flyers for the show, as she can cover a lot more ground than us with her wheels.

nualas mum

Imposters abound….

24 Jul

We caught this lot trying to pose as The Nualas and get a reservation at The Groucho club in London last weekend.  They’re actually called The Sineads and are trying to nick all our gags and stuff.  I don’t think they get that there’s only three of us.  They’re from our home town of Clumdangen so we weren’t suprised they had a bit of trouble with the counting thing.  Nuala thought there were four of us until she figured out what ‘trio’ meant.

red girls

Oh, those tumultuous teenage years….

23 Jul

Ahhhhhhh, here we are at age 14 in Clumdangen at the Agricultural Farmers Ball.  Even then we fancied more elaborate than normal eye wear.  We’ve calmed down a bit since then.  Just a bit.  Nuala has shaved her mustache since then, to be fair.


The boys is lookin’ good.

22 Jul

These are a few of the lads from our home village Clumdangen.  Fintan, Fintan, Fintan, and Fintan.  They all went into professional ushering at weddings.  Crikey, we’re so proud they got out and did so well for themselves.  They said they’d make an exception to the normal wedding ushering and come usher our show at Edinburgh.  I always fancied Fintan, he’s the one in the top hat.



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