Nualas take on the 2014 Ploughing Championships

22 Sep

It’s off to the 2014 Ploughing Championships today down in the wilds of Kildare!  We’ve been asked to contribute our vast farming farming knowledge and expertise to The Pat Kenny show tomorrow morning bright and early at 10am on Newstalk radio.  Nuala has done quite a bit of farming fashion work over the last few years and will be sporting her new farmette designs for footwear, wet weather gear, and undergarments.  The trick is to wear functional yet startlingly attractive farming and ploughing clobber with as much aplomb as possible.  Other Nuala actually has a stunning bullock in the mix this year for a winning a prize, he won both Most Handsome Bullock and Most Likely to Cover a Heifer categories last year and we’re hoping he’ll sweep the boards this year!  Unfortunately, other Nuala entered her chicken in the How Many Furrows Can You Plough in 10 Minutes? event last year but was disqualified because the chicken laid an egg in the middle of the event and caused a sticky mess of a ruckus for all the other contestants.  We thought that was very unfair considering she won, and everyone got an omelette out of it later in the day.  LISTEN HERE LIVE TOMORROW AT 10am!

chicken plough

Stylin’ on the Waves in Skerries!

21 Sep

Right, lads.  Come on down to the Soundwaves Festival in Skerries tonight at 8pm for our gig, it’s gonna be a  brilliant night and the local surfers are going all out to help support the festival.  Lookit, Nualas cousin Zebediah even got into the act!  He’s always the bang of a Moses-complex about him.  He’s harmless, really.  Click on the link above for tickets and booking infomation!


Get yer puddin’ bowl out, lads

19 Sep

Kelly Osborne came to our show in Edinburgh a few weeks ago and loved the show so much she said she’d love to come to the gig in the Ramor Theatre in Cavan this Saturday Sept. 20th – she’s a lover of all things bovine and the art of slurry making so it was a no brainer.  Nuala loved Kelly’s hair so much she took a pudding bowl and sheared off all her locks to emulate the fashion pariah.  If you can’t make Saturday’s gig in Cavan, come down to the Soundwaves Festival in Skerries on Sunday, where we’ll be rippin’ up the boards!  And Nuala’s Mum and Sister Sue are going to be there, too!  Click on the links above for tickets and booking info.


Holy Haggis…

17 Sep

As ye all know we’re just back from Scotland and had a ball – Nuala took this snap when the Society of Offal lads were replacing the Holy Haggis of Holyrood at the castle.  A breeze came up out of nowhere and blew up one of the lad’s kilts.  (Actually, Nuala has a portable fan and is just out of the frame…)


Fire? Bosh!

15 Sep

It’s official.  We had to cancel our gig last Saturday night at Iontas Arts Centre due to fire!  Now, what are the odds?  Nuala wanted to do the show in the pavement outside the theatre instead but there were earthquake warnings….   But not to worry, we’re still on the road this weekend with two more gigs:

September 20th – Ramor Theatre, Cavan.  Box office +353 (0)49 8547074.

September 21st – Soundwaves Festival, Skerries, Ireland.

Come on down, fire or no fire!



Exausted but Alive!

29 Aug

This is just about how we felt this week after returning from Edinburgh Fringe Festival and our 27 night run of shows.  Whew!   Nuala just checked into rehab in Tallaght, other Nuala has finally been reunited with her family, who had no idea who she was when she showed up at the door, and other Nuala left this morning for a 10-day holiday in Electric Picnic….   Oh, sorry, that’s a 10-day holiday in Ibiza.  We always get them confused.

Gigs recommencing on Sept. 13th, just click on our ‘Calendar’ page and get all the skinny on dates and places.  We’re rarin’ to go and get back out on the road.  Watch out Ireland, we’re fresh from our Edinburgh success and full of beans!  Yi-hahhhhh and skilddle-dee-do, watch this space….


Tom Ford strikes again

20 Aug

Fintan from our home village of Clumdangen arrived yesterday to visit us here at the festival.  He came into the kitchen this morning wearing these yokes from Tom Ford.  He said they’re a new design that provides maximum air circulation for the family jewels whilst sporting a stylish and masculine trouser design.  There was always a rumor about the size of Fintan’s assets so we wonder if there’s not another reason for the roomy proportions of his pants…..  find out more tonight!

baggy pants


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