Tragedy strikes over bird brew-ha-ha

1 Dec

It was a tricky time in the USA this Thanksgiving when a shortage of turkeys caused a major panic as the holiday loomed last week.  Turkey growers got a bit complacent this year and decided to grow lettuce instead of growing more turkeys.  As a result, there was a rush on turkeys at all the local grocery stores last Wednesday and way too much salad.  Unfortunately, Nuala’s little niece Imelda decided to show off her new turkey costume when they went to the shops to get creamed corn and she was besieged by crazed customers looking for turkey of some kind.  They were so crazy to get a bird that they only realized Imelda was a little girl when she socked them on the nose and told them to feck-off.   Nuala was so proud.

turkey girl


Upcoming gigs, don’t miss out on our last gigs of 2014!!

December 12th – Gleneagle Hotel, Killarney, Kerry
December 13th – Maritime Hotel, Bantry, West Cork
December 19th – Wexford Opera House, Wexford

Thanksgiving Day Turkey, baby…..

27 Nov

We want to send Nuala all our best wishes as she spends Thanksgiving Day in America.   She was really worried about bringing a gift until she found out that no one gives gifts on Thanksgiving.  They just sit around and eat turkey and watch football all day and then eat loads of pies and sweets and get really drunk.  She thinks they call it Thanksgiving because everyone’s really thankful that they don’t remember what they said and did on the day and so they don’t have to apologize for anything.  Kind of like our Christmas.

Nuala was at a friend’s house and the cat attacked the turkey thinking it was still alive and it could kill it.  The cat attacked Nuala instead when she went for a drumstick and she ended up in A&E.  But we’re sure she’ll still be able to fly tomorrow and make our gig in Birr Arts Centre this Saturday Nov. 29th though in Co. Offaly!  Hurrah for medical science!  See you all there…

turkey cat

Full Irish, please!

30 Oct

There’s nothing like a full Irish, is there?  Nuala was looking for a Halloween costume and was so excited when she found just what she was looking for the other night.  We were at a launch of Galtee meat products and this lady came up to us.  We couldn’t believe our luck.  Just as we thought we were going to faint from the hunger waiting for the amuse bouche to come, a full Irish breakfast walked right into us.  Nuala was overjoyed, but found everything slightly waxy tasting.

Catch us in Longford at The Backstage Theatre this Sat. November 1st.  First 50 people get a full Irish breakfast! (while supplies last…)


Go on, ye good thing, ye.

22 Oct

We thought we’d dress up and have the craic with some head gear.  Nuala found this little gem and ordered 3 the other day.  This marks a foray into our happy mode and a tribute to all our GCN brethren and sistren, along with Nuala’s 6-year old who made it.  We’ll be launching our head-gear range along with out perfumes for the Christmas market.  Nuala also has a brand new range of knickers so watch this space…..

Catch us in The Set venue in Kilkenny tomorrow night 23rd October, check it out here

and we’ll be in Tralee in Siamse Tire on Sat. 25th October so check that out too!



It’s still hat week for us.

16 Oct

We were out last night at a launch in Drogheda for a new vodka and Nuala spotted this lady.  Nuala had had a few Slow Comfortable Sombreros Against a Tree already and tried to climb aboard and drink her.  We caught her just in time but were asked to leave soon after.  We’ll be there tomorrow night Oct. 17 Friday in Droichead Arts Centre a bit more sober (but not too much, promise) so bring your sombreros and come down for the craic!

Draiocht, watch out, here we come!  It’s Blanchardstown on Sat. 18th October, lads, so come down and the first 50 people get a pair of Nuala’s prototype Holiday knickers!  (While supplies last…)


Art or…

9 Oct

While we’re writing up a storm these days for our brand new show next year, The Nualas:  Lock Up Your Husbands.  We’ve been trying to get out and about and meet all our fans in and around Dublin for inspiration.  We get the loveliest invitations from people; last week when we were in Tallaght we got an invite to a Bridezilla Extravaganza and Cage Fighting convention.   They had combined the two events to save money on the room and we’ve never seen brides-to-be get so rowdy or martial arts guys look so good in white.  And we were also at a launch for H-Care hemorrhoidal cream last night in The Merrion Hotel and one of the rep’s came up to chat to us.  We couldn’t help but notice her hat.   We didn’t want to mention it, in case we were just imagining it.


8 Oct

mermaid 3

Just a reminder we’re in Draiocht in Blanchardstown on October 18, Saturday to rip it up and shower ye all with some Nuala magic!  It’s our fave venue on the Northside, Red-Haired Nuala is a real Northsider now and can’t wait to smell the air of Blanchardstown again.  She loves the mall and does all her shopping for her figurine collection there.  We saved this one from Nuala’s Neptune Nibbletarium just before it went bust.  There’s still some left over fish, too, so free nibbly fish pedicure for the first 50 people on the night!  Viva Draiocht!  See you there, xx


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