Limetree, how we love thee…

9 Apr

Off to lovely Limerick this Saturday April 11 and our show in Limetree Theatre on the campus of the university there.  The Limerick Leader printed a sweet little article about us today in the paper, so chuffed!  It does warn about bringing your husbands to the show, so no excuses if there’s underwear being thrown at the stage, tears, and mass hysteria.

Screenshot (3)

Riverbank Theatre welcomes Lock Up Your Husbands

27 Mar

Watch out, Newbridge.  Here we come and we’re taking no prisoners on this one… well, maybe a few prisoners depending on how well ye have locked up your husbands.  Tickets are selling fast for our Riverbank Theatre show this Saturday March 28.  Click here!

And the Lyric Theatre in Belfast is already almost sold out!  Get yer paws in there and book before we can’t stuff any more bodies in.   click here for tickets

Nuala is even going to debut a new design for stage dresses on the night.  We’ll save a fortune on make up.


The Trip to Tipp!

25 Mar

We’re heading down to the lovely horsey county of Tipperary this Friday, March 27 to rip it up with Lock Up Your Husbands at The Source Arts Centre.  Come one, come all, but definitely come!  Tickets are selling fast, get ’em while they’re hot click here.


Shootin’ it up for Say Yes!

24 Mar

We were in Dublin yesterday putting the finishing touches on our video shoot for Say Yes! Gay Marriage and what craic we had!  A host of beautiful people, friends, family, actors, dancers, all came down to support the cause.  Here we are in all our glory at Avondale Studios, mutton dressed as mutton.


Royalty at The Theatre Royal…. well, almost.

20 Mar

We always feel like royalty when we play the Theatre Royal down in Waterford, so I guess we can technically say that a sort of majestic vibe will ensue when we’re there this Saturday night, March 21, 8pm.  Our new Lock Up Your Husbands gig is definitely going to raise the roof down in lovely Waterford and raise hopefully more than a few eyebrows and hem lines.  Lock up those men, get yerself down for a few cocktails, and get ready to partay because it’s no holds barred and all systems go for this Saturday!  Get ’em while they’re hot…. tickets, that is.  Look, even Uncle Seamus is getting out of the pub and down to the gig:



County Clare, here we come!

18 Mar

It’s off to the wilds of County Clare and the glorious Glor arts centre this Friday, March 20th, 8pm!  It’s going to be our only gig in that lovely auld county of music and craic so don’t miss out.  Nuala has designed a new dress for us to wear on the night and there just might be a bit o’ singin’, playin’, and general shenanigans in the hotel afterwards.  It ain’t called Lock Up Your Husbands for nothing!  We hope our new fashion direction will inspire and delight.  See you there!


Nuala’s Knickers Drawer

4 Mar

This month’s featured knickers are the Light Up My Love Spot knickers, straight from Alaska.  Evidently they’re absolutely bonkers about sparky underwear over there and export more electrical lingerie than anywhere in the world.  Nuala is planning a informational field trip over to check out the stock to add to our merchandise table after our gig this Saturday night in Nenagh Arts Centre.  Jeez, don’t miss out this weekend, there’s only one place to be.  Nenagh.



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