It’s still hat week for us.

16 Oct

We were out last night at a launch in Drogheda for a new vodka and Nuala spotted this lady.  Nuala had had a few Slow Comfortable Sombreros Against a Tree already and tried to climb aboard and drink her.  We caught her just in time but were asked to leave soon after.  We’ll be there tomorrow night Oct. 17 Friday in Droichead Arts Centre a bit more sober (but not too much, promise) so bring your sombreros and come down for the craic!

Draiocht, watch out, here we come!  It’s Blanchardstown on Sat. 18th October, lads, so come down and the first 50 people get a pair of Nuala’s prototype Holiday knickers!  (While supplies last…)


Art or…

9 Oct

While we’re writing up a storm these days for our brand new show next year, The Nualas:  Lock Up Your Husbands.  We’ve been trying to get out and about and meet all our fans in and around Dublin for inspiration.  We get the loveliest invitations from people; last week when we were in Tallaght we got an invite to a Bridezilla Extravaganza and Cage Fighting convention.   They had combined the two events to save money on the room and we’ve never seen brides-to-be get so rowdy or martial arts guys look so good in white.  And we were also at a launch for H-Care hemorrhoidal cream last night in The Merrion Hotel and one of the rep’s came up to chat to us.  We couldn’t help but notice her hat.   We didn’t want to mention it, in case we were just imagining it.


8 Oct

mermaid 3

Just a reminder we’re in Draiocht in Blanchardstown on October 18, Saturday to rip it up and shower ye all with some Nuala magic!  It’s our fave venue on the Northside, Red-Haired Nuala is a real Northsider now and can’t wait to smell the air of Blanchardstown again.  She loves the mall and does all her shopping for her figurine collection there.  We saved this one from Nuala’s Neptune Nibbletarium just before it went bust.  There’s still some left over fish, too, so free nibbly fish pedicure for the first 50 people on the night!  Viva Draiocht!  See you there, xx

Mermaid in Bray, love ye!

3 Oct

We’re at our favorite Bray haunt tonight, the Mermaid Arts Centre, and we can’t wait!  Come on down, ye Bray heads, ye.  Bring your nearest and dearest and let’s show ‘em how it’s done.  We’re even bringing our own mermaid just to do justice to the lads.  Isn’t he a treat?

Tallaght tomrrow night Oct. 4th, Civic Theatre, come one and come all!


Portlaoise or bust!

1 Oct

Ok, guys and gals, we’re in the lovely Dunamaise Arts Centre tomorrow night Oct. 2 Thursday and want all o’ ye Laoise heads to come on down and join in the madness.  Show at 8pm, get there early and Nuala will be handing out pairs of her favorite g-string knickers…. lads, get there early to avoid disappointment.

Mermaid Arts Centre Friday night & Civic Arts Centre, Tallaght on Saturday!


Best Farming Hair

29 Sep

We were at the Ploughing Championships last week in lovely county Laoise and little Kathleen O’Farrelly won Best Farmer’s Hair competition.  Not only did she win for lustre and shine but she also won for height and volume as well.  Jaysus, the glamour down there was mighty!

Gigs coming up this week around Dublin in Dunamaise Arts Centre (Oct. 2), Mermaid Arts Centre (Oct. 3), and the Civic Theatre (Oct. 4),  so get yer skates on and come on down for the par-tay!   Just click on the links for booking tickets and all the skinny….


Some Awesomely Bad Haircuts 004

Clifden Arts Festival welcomes The Nualas!

24 Sep

We’re off to the wilds of Connemara tomorrow for our gig at 10pm for The Clifden Arts Festival and, boy, are we excited!  We asked our great supporter, local Father John, to bring us some authentic Connemara hay for our stage dressing, just to get into the swing of things, but we didn’t realize he would be bringing it on his bicycle.  Unfortunately, soon after this photo was taken he ran into a large group of Dutch tourists, injuring two of them.  Luckily, the Dutch have such a good sense of humour, they saw the hilarious side of things and invited Father John to join them for their annual Hurdy Gurdy Bertie and Gertie night, which they travel all the way from Holland for.  They’re heading to our gig tomorrow night Sept. 25 and are going to do a special instrumental solo for us on the hurdy gurdy.  Nuala will be joining in on the singing saw.  So exciting!  click on the link above for tickets and booking info…

forest on bicycle


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