The boys is lookin’ good.

22 Jul

These are a few of the lads from our home village Clumdangen.  Fintan, Fintan, Fintan, and Fintan.  They all went into professional ushering at weddings.  Crikey, we’re so proud they got out and did so well for themselves.  They said they’d make an exception to the normal wedding ushering and come usher our show at Edinburgh.  I always fancied Fintan, he’s the one in the top hat.


Someone let the cat out….. Meow!

21 Jul

Oh, yes!  Oh, yes!  It’s that time of year again and Vodafone Comedy Festival is on its way to you and me (and the rest of Dublin) in just over a week.  We’ll be tearing it up on July 26th at 9:30pm so come on down and get a sneak peek at our new Edinburgh Fringe Festival show!   We were celebrating our Fundit success the other night at the gig with cream buns and carrot cake and Nuala got butter cream frosting on other Nuala’s bass and Nuala licked it all off.  That’s a lot of Nualas…..


Ballina, ye good thing ye!

19 Jul

We’re storming it in Ballina Arts Centre tonight so all ye Mayo-ians get yer skates on and high-tail it down to the arts centre.  If we’re not there by 7:45pm, send out a search party…  See you in the bar after!  We’re on the gin & tonics.

Step Away From the Fridge

Up to the wilds of the Northwest!

17 Jul

We’re heading up to Leitrim (the lovely one) and Co. Mayo this weekend for two nights of gigs at the gorgeous little Glens Centre on Friday, July 18th (8:30pm) and then Ballina Arts Centre on Saturday, July 19th (8pmIf you’ve any nearest and dearest, let ‘em know we’ll be hitting town this weekend and to come on down and join the hoolie!  Here’s Margaret and Bridget (a.k.a. The Meringue Sisters) already celebrating our arrival.




Fringe Sneak Peek

16 Jul


What a great success last week at Odessa Club for our July 4th sneak peek of our Edinburgh Show!  The room was stuffed with our family, friends, and fans who laughed their socks off and did us proud at the bar.  Odessa Club was particularly impressed with the amount of Chardonnay Nuala was able to put away.  They had to go down to Centra for more when they ran out.  Many thanks to Beta Barjgatova for the stills (that means photographs that don’t move).  Edinburgh Fringe, here we come….


A Blast From The Past….

14 Jul


Here’s a bit of archive footage from The Nualas vault.  Australia, 1999…. ah, the men, the drink, the sun, the large hunks of meat on the barbie….

Fundit Success! Hurrah!

11 Jul


HURRAAAAAAAH!!!  Yes, it’s official.  We reached our Fundit target with flying colors and didn’t have to rob any banks or get anyone drunk on too many wines to do it.  We are so very proud of all our fans and how amazing everyone has been with their donations and support.  But just so you know, all ye rich pundits who gave €800 or more to the Fundit campaign, we’ve had to axe the bikinis from our costume arsenal due to waxing costs.  Nuala had to spend a fortune last time around so we’ve had to limit things to our glamorous goonas on stage.  Apologies ahead of time for any disappointment.

Watch this space for regular updates about our Edinburgh preparations.  Jaysus, I can already taste that fried Mars bar….


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